Embroidery is a classy, professional way to customize your shirt, hats, and jackets, and Shirtmasters is the easiest, fastest, best and cheapest choice to make you look good in your new custom embroidered apparel.


The process starts by obtaining your logo or creating one for you in our graphics department. Then we "digitize" it, or put it into a file format that our embroidery machines can understand. This process is part art and part science, so be sure to trust your digitizing to someone like Shirtmasters, who has the necessary software and skills to assure the great look you expect and deserve.


The design is then imported into our brand new multi-head machines, then embroidered directly onto your garments, creating professional, comfortable clothing that you can be proud of and feel good wearing or giving to your staff or clients. Check out our facility and equipment or browse our catalog of blank goods which you can order customized with your logo embroidered on them.

Embroidery typically costs about $3-$5 per piece more than screenprinting, depending on the stitch count and complexity of your design. We're glad to give you a quick estimate or walk you through the ordering process.

We look forward to making you say “Wow!” when you open your box of custom embroidered sportswear and
every time you put on your shirt for years to come.