Screenprinting is the most popular way to customize your wholesale quantities of shirts, hats, and jackets, and Shirtmasters leads the way with our expertise, equipment, and dedication, doing it easier, faster, better, and cheaper than anyone else.

Screens are created from film positives created in our graphics department. Ink is pushed through the openings in the screens onto garments with a squeegie, either manually or pneumatically with an automatic press. This process has remained largely the same for the last forty years or so, although recent advances in computer hardware and software, screen tension and quality, and press, dryer, and ink technology has improved the efficiency of the process and the quality of the finished products.


Shirtmasters combines the best available technology, vast experience and training, and our own creativity to provide incredible shirts that are just right for your needs and budget. Check out our facility and equipment or our catolog of blank goods which you can order customized with your logo printed on them.

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We look forward to dazzling you with screenprinted goods that will look and feel great for years to come!